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European Mennonite Relief Agency
          for Solidarity, Peace and Justice
                    for partnership, cooperation and disaster relief

     The IMO supports and promotes  development cooperation  projects .
     The IMO is active in various  countries in  the south.
     The IMO works on site with proven  partner organizations  .
     The IMO supports children and young people through the sponsorship program.
     The IMO sees itself as a European-Mennonite network.
     The IMO is financed through your donations .



June 2007   Visit of the Primera Dama of Paraguay in Yalve Sanga

On June 6, 2007, Gloria Penayo de Duarte, the Primera Dama of Paraguay, the wife of President Nicanor Duarte Frutos, Yalve Sanga, visited the center of the indigenous communities in the Chaco of Paraguay. With great attention and interest she followed the explanations of Eduard Klassen, the managing director of ASCIM, about the education and training programs for indigenous young people, the women and mothers projects and the Indian settlement program of ASCIM.

You can find out more about the work of ASCIM here ...

La Primera Dama and Eduard Klassen, ASCIM

April 2007    New reports from the AMAS day care centers in Curitiba, Brazil

Almost 1,000 children and their families are now cared for in AMAS day care centers. Despite the many requirements that the state and the city administration place on the providers of day-care centers - e.g. university degree for kindergarten teachers, higher salary requirements, stricter hygiene regulations - AMAS does not allow itself to be discouraged, but continues to support the children and their families from the poor parts of the city from Curitiba.

Read more about the special challenges in day care centers in Curitiba , about individual children and their families , about the library project and about the importance of working with fathers in day care centers ...

Children at AMAS

May 2006   Caisse de Secours new member of the IMO

Caisse de Secours (CdS), the aid organization of the French Mennonites, is at the last general meeting of the IMO on 5./6. Joined the IMO as a new member in May 2006 in Schoorl, Netherlands. "Europe is growing together," said René Eyer from CdS, "and the French Mennonites do not want to escape this process". Years of constructive cooperation in the "Integrated Rural Development in Torani, Chad" project preceded this step. The cooperation of the French Mennonites will give the IMO new impulses and the French-speaking Africa will be more in the focus of the IMO's work.


The representatives of CdS in the IMO: René and Christa Eyer (l) and Gilbert and Jacqueline Klopfenstein (r)

February 2006    COVESAP - in a new look

COVESAP (neighborhood cooperation in San Pedro), the large project of integrated agricultural development in Paraguay and now a model project for rural development in Paraguay, has a new website on the Internet and is waiting for your visit .
Three areas provide information about the project and its development:
The first general part provides information about the objectives, project philosophy, working methods and results of the successfully completed first two project phases in the six central project areas of self-administration, agricultural production, marketing, infrastructure, education and health.
The second area deals with COVESAP III, the third project phase from 2006 to 2008, in which activities, goals, arguments and the annual plan are presented.
The third area, "Media", shows leaflets, calendars, photos and press reports about the project.
Since the visit of the project manager, Dr. Hans Theodor Regier, who was in Germany in May 2005, is familiar with the project in many Mennonite communities. Find out about the progress of the project. The complete content is available in German and Spanish .



December 2005     Highlights of an IMO trip

In November 2005 a group of sponsored parents visited IMO projects in Paraguay and Brazil. On a learning and encounter journey we wanted to find out more about our sponsored children and their life situations. There were moving encounters between the sponsored parents, the children and their families. Rüdiger Fellmann has captured some impressions from the trip ... [more]

The sponsored children are waiting for us

November 2005     COVESAP in the public interest in Paraguay

In mid-November, a series of articles about the COVESAP project appeared in Paraguay's highest-circulation daily newspaper, ABC-Color . For seven days, the project was reported under the title "Vida digna para mi vecino" (Dignified life for my neighbor) with the following focal points: security in the region, the lack of knowledge of the smallholders, the project model, the role of women in the project , lack of state aid, opportunities for rural development.

Business start-ups with small farmers: broom-makers

October 2005      "Sponsorships" for women from Ethiopia

With one-time support of 300 to 500 euros, a woman in Ethiopia can create her own livelihood with a small business. That is the realization of the Dutch-German delegation that visited the “Meserete Kristos Church” (MKC) in Ethiopia from October 6th to 20th, 2005. In a variety of ways with many different projects, the MKC gives the people in their country hope for the future amidst poverty, hardship and disease. The women's projects are of particular importance.
Anyone who would like to learn more about Ethiopia and the work of the MKC can invite Roswitha Funck, who participated in the trip, to an event in the community. [more ...]


Women are being prepared to build a livelihood with the help of micro-trades.

October 2005     COVESAP in contact with the Paraguayan government

After the COVESAP team only had the opportunity to present the project to the Paraguayan government in July 2005, Dr. Hans Theodor Regier, Head of COVESAP, and Erich Weiss, President of the Cooperative Friesland, held another discussion at the highest level in September. They visited Vice President Luis Castiglioni to thank him on the one hand for his support in marketing cotton from the COVESAP area, the asphalting of Ruta 10 and the safety measures in the region, and on the other hand for the financing of COVESAP III speak.

Vice President

Vice President Castiglioni at the inauguration of the administration building in Carolina

October 2005     Voluntary service possible through Christian Services

Again and again we receive inquiries about possibilities to do a voluntary service, a volunteer social year or a civil replacement in our projects. The IMO itself does not offer this option. We deal with project work. If you are interested, please contact Mennonite Voluntary Service - Christian Services , Bammental. [more ...]

October 2005     News on the homepage

The IMO pages have received new capital. Under sponsorship program you can now find reports and stories about sponsored children , their lives and their families. We would like to give you an insight into other realities than those we know here in Europe.

September 2005     Hurricane "Katrina"

has left a trail of devastation in the southern United States. In an area the size of Britain, homes and infrastructure have been completely destroyed. Large areas are flooded.

Effective help is slow and sluggish. The Mennonite Disaster Service (mds) has been in the process of getting an overview since Thursday, September 1st, 2005 in order to begin with its relief work, which will continue after the rescue work.

More information on this is available on the mds website .

Photo: mds

More news and reports from our work can be found in the news archive .

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